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Since I heard the news that Wonga would be coming to South Africa, I have been so excited. I have read and heard allot of great things about Wonga and since they started operating in South Africa, the compliments have just been pouring in.

The easy use of the website (, makes is so very user friendly and enables a potential client to go online and view exactly what their repayment amount is going to be by adjusting the loan amount and days required directly on the site.

The application process is also very easy and you just need to complete a few details to complete the application process. Wonga loans have really lifted the level of performance and allot of personal loans companies in South Africa need to get on board if they want to compete with Wonga.

Even with the advertising campaigns currently running on TV and Radio, you get the sense that they know exactly how to market the company and deliver excellent results in terms of service. We highly recommend Wonga to anyone looking for a personal loan.

Wonga loans have really taken South Africa by storm and all the news and feedback we get regarding Wonga has been great. They offer their personal loans are very competitive interest terms plus people are loving their online site whereby they can choose and determine the repayment date themselves, thus resulting in them knowing exactly what they need to pay when.

Wonga Loans is a UK based loan company and has given over 5 million loans to people in the UK since 2007 and this proves exactly what they are able to offer and what they will be able to do in South Africa.

Wonga Loans has really been the rising star in terms of loans in South Africa and we are sure that they will continue to offer that great service and even become more competitive with their loans in regards to bank in South Africa. Be sure to Wonga Loans when looking at personal loans.