Pep Loans

Today we are going to be looking at Pep Loans in a bit more detail, since we have received allot of requests regarding Pep and what they offer in terms of loans. They offer loans from R1000 and this is managed through Capfin. Pep Loans has really made allot of waves in the loan industry with their innovative way of marketing loans and it seems to be paying off.

People love these loans and anyone can apply in store with their identity (id) document and you will then be notified if you received your loan. You also need to be permanently employed and have cellphone number. Pep has really come up with a very innovative and easy way for people to apply online for a cash loan. This taps into a totally different market than usual loan companies and purely for this reason, we applaud them for their out of the box thinking.

With Pep having stores nationwide, the coverage and easy of application is really extraordinary, since there are still a lot of people in South Africa that are not online, but many of the larger cities and small town across the country have pep stores. With their current client base and expanding customers monthly, they will continue to grow over the next couple of years and long into the future to provide South Africans not only with clothing but also with loans.

We will be featuring more information on loans from them as well as news or updates in terms of their loan offering, so be sure to check back weekly. We will be following them closely over the next couple of months and bring you all the latest news and reviews related to their loan options.