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Managing your Personal Loan

So how do you actually manage your personal loan? Well if you aren’t managing it as yet, you better read this article to make sure that you are financially ready for your loan. We will provide you with some great insight you might to consider about your personal loan.

Let’s first look at the 2 types of personal loans you can apply for. The first being unsecured personal loans, which is basically a personal loan you can acquire with putting up any assets in regards to the loan, to make sure that you are able to repay the loan. These unsecured loans are getting more and more popular, but be very careful who you sign up with, since there are a few very suspicious companies out there that have extremely high interest rates.

Secondly we have secured loans and these personal loans are generally offered more by your larger financial institutions like banks and generally require you to provide them with an asset that they hold against your loan.

Now in terms of managing either of these loans be sure to make room in your budget for the monthly repayment. Making sure that you do not miss a repayment, try and sign up for a set debit order. Making sure that you manage your personal loan is crucial and make this a priority even before applying for a loan.

One company that we can recommend that offer great personal loans is Wonga and be sure to look at them when applying for a personal loan.

Personal Loan Calculator

Are you looking for a personal loan calculator to help you determine what your interest and fees will be on your loan. Well I have found this great website that will help you determine you fees and interest on your loan up to R3000.

Wonga has a great website that offers you the ability to find out exactly what your fees and interest will be by demining the loan amount as well as days needed to repay. With this type of personal loan calculator, you can see for yourself what the fees applicable will be on your loan amount.

Wonga is really one of our favorite loan websites currently in South Africa and we can highly recommend that you look at them in terms of offering a loan.

This calculator will save you any unnecessary headaches in terms of outstanding fees that you didn’t budget for and let you know exactly what you need to repay.

When working out your fees payable be sure to enter the correct loan amount you require and how long you require the loan for. This will then tell you exactly how the fees applicable will be and thus working out what the total loan amount will be to repay. Loan calculators make life just much easier and for anyone looking for a personal loan calculator, be sure to look at Wonga.

The need for a personal loan calculator has increased over the last couple of years, with people looking at these type of online calculators to help determine how much they will be able to afford as well as give them an estimate on what the monthly repayment instalment will be.

With the online world constantly evolving, more and more website are providing this option for their users to make it as easy as possible for anyone to work out the basics amounts in terms of a personal loan.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative calculators and will keep you updated on our findings as well as any new reviews related to personal loan calculations online.

Nedbank Loans

Today we decided to look at Nedbank loans in a bit more detail. Firstly we must say that we are very impressed with Nedbank and they have a few great loan products available. They currently offer personal loans between R2000 to R120 000 and these loans can help you pay that deposit on a new apartment or house or even help with renovations that are long overdue.

Nedbank also made the process to apply for a personal loan very easy and you can speak to one of the consultants at a Nedbank branch to assist you with all the documents needed to apply for a personal loan.

Nedbank loans have made wonderful strides in the last couple of years to make it as easy as possible for anyone to apply for a loan with them. If you visit their website you’ll find various ways that you can contact them to assist you with this product.

You can call them on the national call centre or simply apply online by completing their online application form. Another option is to simply dial a specified number from your cellphone and then request a call back.

The most standard option they provide is that you simply visit your nearest branch and speak to a consultant who will be able to provide you with all the information and application forms immediately, that will enable you to get an answer via that route. They have numerous branches country-wide, to just check where the closest is to you and visit one of the staff members to assist you.

All these user-friendly options make it very easy for anyone to apply online and you simply just need to check the requirements for you to apply for a personal loan with Nedbank, to make sure that you are within the specified terms. We are very impressed with them, and we will continue to follow them and keep all our loyal readers updated on any new product developments from their side.

We do not offer personal loans from Nedbank and this article was just written to assist anyone looking at personal loans and we highly recommend you look at Nedbank if you do require a personal loan. – Online Review

Since I heard the news that Wonga would be coming to South Africa, I have been so excited. I have read and heard allot of great things about Wonga and since they started operating in South Africa, the compliments have just been pouring in.

The easy use of the website (, makes is so very user friendly and enables a potential client to go online and view exactly what their repayment amount is going to be by adjusting the loan amount and days required directly on the site.

The application process is also very easy and you just need to complete a few details to complete the application process. Wonga loans have really lifted the level of performance and allot of personal loans companies in South Africa need to get on board if they want to compete with Wonga.

Even with the advertising campaigns currently running on TV and Radio, you get the sense that they know exactly how to market the company and deliver excellent results in terms of service. We highly recommend Wonga to anyone looking for a personal loan.

Wonga loans have really taken South Africa by storm and all the news and feedback we get regarding Wonga has been great. They offer their personal loans are very competitive interest terms plus people are loving their online site whereby they can choose and determine the repayment date themselves, thus resulting in them knowing exactly what they need to pay when.

Wonga Loans is a UK based loan company and has given over 5 million loans to people in the UK since 2007 and this proves exactly what they are able to offer and what they will be able to do in South Africa.

Wonga Loans has really been the rising star in terms of loans in South Africa and we are sure that they will continue to offer that great service and even become more competitive with their loans in regards to bank in South Africa. Be sure to Wonga Loans when looking at personal loans.

How to get a Personal Loan?

With allot of people looking to get a personal loan, this question has been pitched to us and thus we decided to answer a few quick questions and give a few valuable tips on getting a personal loan.

When applying for a personal loan, be sure to have as much information as possible available about your current personal finances. These include your current salary slip, identity document, physical address etc.

Any loan company will require as much information as possible about the potential client to protect them from any future non-payment issue and to be sure that they can find you if you do decide to skip an instalment. If you are thorough in your preparation and provide the loan company with all the information they require to offer you a personal loan, the chances of you getting personal loan is very good.

They look at your current credit commitments as well as our monthly salary and determine if you will be able to repay the loan you require. If not, they might do the calculations and offer you a smaller personal loan that will be within your budget.

When looking at applying for a personal loan, look at all the options on the table. Most of the banks in South Africa offer personal loans and look very carefully at how much they offer as well as repayment terms. These details vary and banks choose to offer customers different options, to make it as easy as possible to get that loan, but also to repay the terms monthly. We will be featuring all the banks that do offer this service on our website in the coming months, so be sure to check back soon.

The other option is to rather work with a lending company on an unsecured loan, but please note that generally their interest is higher, so be sure that you are able to repay the loan as stated in their terms and conditions.

Getting a personal loan is not an uphill battle, only be thorough and provide the loan company with the information they require.

How to get an Instant Cash Loan?

Long gone are the days of going into a store to apply for a loan. These days most people just go online, find a suitable loan company and apply for an instant loan. Everything is done online and with the internet becoming more accessible every day to so many people, this trend is just going to grow over the years to come.

Just look at Wonga Loans for example, you can go online, choose your loan amount and repayment term and get your interest amount due immediately.

With the current economic climate, there are allot of people currently looking at instant cash loans, to get them out of their financial burden.

Due to allot of red tape with most corporate banks, it has pushed people into the directions of finding companies that can offer instant cash for when they need it. Be sure to lookout for many start-up companies that offer loans, but haven’t got a reputable reputation in the market and thus increasing your risk of getting a loan, with them.

These companies allot of the times do not have the capital and will thus be charging more than bigger more stable companies in the market.

Instant cash loans offer people the opportunity to get quick funds available and thus these loans are a vital resource for people who are struggling in the current economic climate.

We want to advice anyone looking for an instant cash loan to make sure that they are able to afford the loan and will be able to repay the loan on the specified time as stated in the terms of conditions and the loan company. With more and more people going into debt, it is very important for anyone to make sure that they do not land deeper in debt and these types of instant cash loans, should rather be a method to assist people in achieving a specified goal as remodelling their home or doing renovations that has been planned months or years ahead.

We will continue to monitor all the latest instant loan offering and will be updating our website regularly, so be sure to check back soon, to see all the latest news and reviews.

Debtlab Loans

Debtlab is currently one of the best personal loan companies in South Africa. They offer a variety of services that include cell phones contracts, personal loans, insurance quotes and life insurance quotes.

Debtlab loans have been around for a good number of years and have been offering great service to numerous clients’ country wide in South Africa. They have got a very user friendly website and with an easy application form, people can easily apply for a personal loan with them or give them a call on the number listed on the website.

We have had allot of request from our loyal readers about them and we are just going to be outlining a few details related to their service and loan offering below. They do offer a variety of service and we will be looking into these in due time, so be sure to check back soon to view all the latest news and reviews.

For the purpose of this website we are looking at their personal loans. Their website is very user friendly and offering the user browsing through their website to apply for a personal loan, by completing the online form.

The online form consist of 2 easy steps and they offer loans between R500 – R150 000. So if you are interested in a personal loan please feel free to contact Debtlab loans.

Wonga Loans

Wonga is really the best company to apply for a loan with in South Africa. They offer instant loans that range up to R3000 and for existing clients up to R8000. You can apply for a loan very quickly and the process can take anything form 6 minutes up to 20 minutes before you get a decision.

What’s really great about Wonga is the fact that they provide you with the tools to determine how long you need to repay and instantly showing you your fees and interest due.

Looking at all the various companies offering loan services in South Africa, they have certainly stood up and people have started to take notice of them. They are continually offering promotions, like competitions on radio and television, so be sure to be on the lookout for the next competition.

With such a competitive market, they have really set themselves apart from their opponents and we will be following them eagerly to see what they come up with next to help promote their service and make people more aware of their service and how their online application exactly work.

In recent times they have had a few setbacks, but with any reputable company, you need to stand up and sort things out and get back on track. We are keeping a close eye on them and will bring you all the latest developments from Wonga during the year ahead.

With more companies putting up their hands that also offer this instant loan service, it will be very interesting to see what they come up with and hoe they will continue to grow in the year ahead.

Through all the great options they have available, you can see why they are rated as one of the best loan companies in the UK. There are also no hidden charges and we strongly recommend that you look in Wonga for a personal loan. – How to Apply

We have had allot of requests from our readers about outlining the process of applying for a loan on and this is for all our users in South Africa, who would like to apply online for a loan with Wonga.

Step 1: Visit the website

The first step is to go to the Wonga website and select the amount you require by using the sliders. Now there are 2 sliders, one for the amount you need and the other for the days you require the loan for.

You can choose anything up to 30 days to repay your loan. As a first time lender you will be able to apply for a loan up to R3000 and for existing customers you can apply for a loan up to R8000.

Step 2: Click on Apply

The second step in this process is to apply online and you can complete this within 5-10 minutes. Please note that you have to enter all you details as correctly as possible, since anything out of order will get your application declined. Please also note that you have to use the same ID number, that you used to open your bank account.

Step 3: Get confirmation

As soon as your loan is instantly approved, you can have your money in your bank account very quickly. Know that you can apply for a Wonga loan 24/7 and from anywhere in the world, so enjoy and know that we still recommend Wonga as the best loan company in South Africa. Be sure to visit our website for regular updates on Wonga loans.

Personal Loans

Welcome to Personal Loans and here you’ll find a variety of information resources on loan companies like Wonga (, Loan Finder SA etc and here you’ll find links on loans, short term loans and payday loans. When looking for a personal loan company it is important to note that you must always read the terms and conditions very carefully to be sure that you are able to pay the monthly instalment.

The worst thing you do is to borrow more money and not be able to repay the loan company. We provide links to a variety of companies offering loans and feel free to look at their product offering and what the repayment terms are. With the current economic climate, there are allot of loan companies offering loans, but be sure to sign up with the best company offering you competitive repayment terms. Personal Loans are basically loans that people apply for and generally can repay relatively quickly.

Now with personal loans, again there are so many companies currently offering this service and it gets quite tricky to determine which offer to go for.

With allot of focus being placed only on banks regarding online loans, the smaller loan companies are benefitting from this and some of the smaller companies have seen their client base increase due to higher demand for personal loans. To apply for a loan these days are very easy and one of the easiest website is Wonga, whereby you can determine how much you need through sliders and then apply for your loan online and get approval within hours.

The way people apply for loans are just going to get easier and easier and for anyone looking for a loan, you will find the best links on our website and we will be adding and updating the website on a daily basis, to make sure you get the best personal loan deals. Also feel free to subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out on loan updates and specials.

What we recommend you do is to look at the following:

– How long has the loan company been in business?
– What are the repayment terms and conditions?
– Working out exactly what you monthly instalment will be?
– What happens if you aren’t able to pay your monthly repayment fee?

These are the questions that you should be asking your potential loan company before signing up with anyone and determine if you will be able to make payment each month.

When looking for a loan company it is important to note that you must always read the terms and conditions very carefully to be sure that you are able to pay the monthly instalment. The worst thing you do is to borrow more money and not be able to repay the company.

We have been receiving allot of great comments and feedback regarding our website and we would like to thank everyone for their support. We have been overwhelmed with the great feedback regarding information on personal loans and as we continue to grow, we urge everyone visiting our website to please like us on Facebook to receive the latest personal loan news and updates.

We have been offering only links to the best loan website online in South Africa and will continue to only offer you the best advice and links. Loans are a growing industry and with some many options starting up, you need advice on getting that personal loan form the best company out there.

It doesn’t Matter if you require a large loan or an instant loan, we will be here to assist you in your quest to get a loan.