FNB Loans

Fnb has really become of the best banks in South Africa to provide personal loans. Allot of people have opted to rather go with one of the 4 big banks in South Africa for their personal loans and Fnb is surely one of the top banks offering this service.

FNB loans offer you a variety of options, but it all depends on your personal credit profile. Personal loans range from R1000 to R150 000 and repayment terms can go up to 60 months. Fnb was recently crowned as the top innovative bank in the World, which a very prestigious award and that just makes us even more proud to be South African.

Fnb offer these personal loans on the option to repay via debit order each month and you can determine your rate monthly with them from the start as well.

We are currently with Fnb for all our other bank accounts and have had a personal loan from them and I must confirm that everything ran smoothly and we received our money and repaid it within the specified terms. There are other options available if you are looking at personal loans and if you do feel that FNB is not the best option for you for your personal loan, please feel free to look at the other personal loans companies we review on our website.

Fnb loans are featured quite frequently on Television adverts as well as radio and also contact them directly if you do need assistance or want additional information on their loan products.

They are certainly one of the top banks in South Africa and only continue to offer innovative product to the market and we will from our side continue to follow them and provide our users will all the latest news and reviews from Fnb.

You also visit their website to get all the latest information related to their loan products and get all their contact details online or simply contact them via their website.

You can contact them on their national call centre, fill in the call me back form or simply apply online by completing a few questions and then following the prompts to complete the application.