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Find out more about Cash Loans:
Loans up to R150,000.

Nedbank Loans

Due to huge number of requests from our loyal subscribers we are going to be reviewing Nedbank loans today and giving you an overview on how to apply and what they offer in terms of their personal loans.

Find out more about Cash Loans:
Loans up to R150,000.


Nedbank has been one of the top 4 banks in South Africa for many years now and they continue to grow and offer innovative products, not only in terms of their personal loans, but also their banking products and service offering.

So, let's get started on their product offering in terms of loan offerings. Nedbank offers loans anywhere from R1 000 - R200 000 and have flexible repayment periods, from 12 to 60 months.

To apply for a personal loan with them you can basically just visit their website and apply online or you can give them a call on their customer care number to find out more and what they requirements exactly are in order to complete your application.

They do state that the application process is straight forward and that they provide you with a customised interest rate. This is great news, since the interest rate that you will be given will play a major role in your monthly instalments and especially going forward, if it is linked to the prime lending rate. These are all details that you do need to find out and discuss with Nedbank before you sign-up for your personal loan with them.

In order to apply you need to be employed or at least have a contract period of employment. Self-employed individuals are not allowed to apply.

Then you do need to earn a salary of more than R2000 per month and your salary need to be deposited into your bank account monthly. For finer details on the personal loan process as well as the application process, do visit their website or go into your nearest Nedbank branch to find out more.

We will be following them closely and keeping our subscribers updated on any news developments and product offerings that might be launched from Nedbank.

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